Experience a winter dream:

Winter hiking in the Schwarzwaldregion Belchen

Snow-covered valleys, deep blue sky and the highest Black Forest mountain peaks. An idyll, all in white, just like your winter dream. Enjoy the peaceful winter landscape, ice crystals glittering in the sun, bizarre icicles on the Black Forest houses and snow-covered pine trees.
A 100 km long, well-prepared network of paths awaits you. Be fascinated by the dreamlike views of the mountains around you. Along the way quaint inns and mountain huts invite you to enjoy a break over hot drinks and typical Black Forest specialties.

Extensive information about winter sports and a winter hiking map is available in our online store.

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Winter hiking trails

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 Alte Belchenstraße (Bergstation bis Talstation)
Length: 3,00 km
Altitude difference: 300 m
 Hohtann - Talstation Belchen Seilbahn
Length: 2,50 km
Altitude difference: 74 m
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Length: 3,00 km
Length: 7,00 km
 Gurgel - Flüh
Length: 5,00 km
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 gebahnte Winterwanderwege  
  Wieden über Laitenbach nach Rollsbach  
 Bühlweg- Rundweg  
 Zum Knöpflesbrunnen über den Ortsteil Graben  
 Über den Spitzdobelweg zum Geißenstall  
  Von Wieden zum Wiedener-Eck  
 Vom Wiedener- Eck bis nach Steinen
Length: 3,00 km
Altitude difference: 50 m

Winterwanderwege mit Loipenspur

 Todtnauer Hütte - Knöpflesbrunnen (Nr. 3)
Length: 16,50 km

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