Pure relaxation while fly fishing:

Fishing in the Schwarzwaldregion Belchen

A campfire burning and cooked over the flames of freshly caught fish, anglers are not uncommon. They say that fishing is a sport and recreation at the same time, fishing is pure relaxation.

In the Schwarzwaldregion Belchen fishing season lasts from April or May to September. The El Dorado for fly fishing lies in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park and offers the best fishing on beautiful trails flow conditions in a scenically diverse region. The fish population consists almost entirely of brook and rainbow trout.
  • Permits may be obtained only as a guest who can demonstrate a minimum of 3 nights.
  • You must hold a valid fishing license.
  • Day tickets are in limited quantities and available evidence for a minimum stay of 3 nights.
  • The catch limit is 3 trout per day
  • There may be issued no more than 4 per day fishing license, it is advisable for vacationers to book their fishing permits prior to arrival.
  • The fishing line in the meadow begins in Todtnau the last house in Todtnau-Fahl and ends at the waterfall (WWTP) in the district Schlechtnau.
  • Fishing in the "Wiese" in the field weir Belchenland starts at E-Werk H÷dl above Utzenfeld - and ends at the confluence of the Künabachs (Fröhnd-Kastel).
  • The non-designated waters may not be fished.
  • Days of fishing permits are at the Tourist Information Todtnau Belchenland-and tourist information available in Sch÷nau im Schwarzwald.

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