Culinary delights in the Schwarzwaldregion Belchen

Nature park restaurants

In the nature park of the Southern Black Forest hoteliers and restaurateurs have combined to advance the cause of nature protection with a knife and fork. A nature park restaurateur offers at least three regional main dishes all the year round. The word "regional" means that the main ingredients for the dishes come from the nature park. The nature park restaurateurs are convinced that it is right to use local products because they know that only as a result of close collaboration between the producers, restaurateurs and guests can our unique Black Forest countryside be preserved.

Enjoy the juicy meat from Hinterwälder cattle and deer. Prepare to be surprised at the taste of genuine Black Forest ham. Savour the mild Bibilis cheese or the strong mountain cheese and do not forget to round off the meal with a Black Forest Edelbrand liqueur.

Discover the specialities of the different restaurants:

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