Tracks in the Snow:

Snowshoe paradise Schwarzwaldregion Belchen

Snowshoe walking
Snowshoe walking
Absolute quiet, no people, no cars, no noise, no bustle. Only a magical winter landscape, snow-covered trees and innumerable tracks in the snow. Snowshoe walking is a particularly intense winter experience. Away from the paths you can enjoy winter in its original splendour. You have a choice - whether to go off on your own along signposted snowshoe trails or to take part in a guided tour.



Die Schwarzwaldregion Belchen hat zahlreiche Strecken für Schneeschuhtouren zu bieten. Vom kleinen idyllischen Ausflug bis zur großen Wanderung und dem ultimativen Naturerlebnis.

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Snowshoe tours

Belchen region

2 tracks are signposted with a snowshoe symbol.
On the Belchen there is a circular route to the Obere Stuhlsebene as well as a track to the 1414 m high summit with an alternative descent. To extend the tour, you can park your car in Aitern at the Belchen Hall and climb via Holzinshaus up to Obere Stuhlsebene and then on to the Belchen. The distance between Aitern (656 m above sea level) via Holzinshaus to Obere Stuhlsebene (1103 above sea level) is 2340 m. (a difference in altitude of 447 m). The difference in altitude between the Obere Stuhlsebene and the Belchen (1414m) is 311 m.

Approximately 5 km south of the Belchen the Snowshoe Trail begins in Fröhnd. From Tannenboden (680 m above sea levelN) it climbs to its highest point (820 m above sea level). This tour is full of variety and can also be shortened. The sections are 748 m, 460 m, 1590 m und 118 m. Total Length: 2916 meters. Panoramic views of Schönau im Schwarzwald in the Black Forest, to the Belchen and on to the 1493 m-high Feldberg can be enjoyed from the beginning of the tour in. Start and finish at the town hall there..
Altitude difference: 224 m
Length: 5250 m.


Starting point bus stop Herrenschwand, Dorf. The track starts on walking shoes until the Sattelwasenhut. For the section from the Sattelwasenhut via the Hochgscheid to the Fuchswaldstreet you’ll put on your snowshoes. On the way back you’ll doff your snowshoes. 5,0 km.

Präger Böden

Starting point at the inn Präger Böden. The markings wayside beacon the way via the waterfall of Präg to the Bernauer Kreuz. On the way back to the inn Präger Böden you’ll go onto the upper Präger Böden way. The track is with guaranteed snow. 2,9 km.


1st Tour
The starting point (with parking) is Radschert above Todtnauberg.
From there it continues, following the markings past the tennis court up to the Horn. Along the forest edge, with gorgeous views, along the level in the direction of Muggenbrunn to the winter hiking path in Holzschlagbachtal. From here back over the winter hiking path (right) to Radschert or the bus-stop at Muggenbrunn (left).

2nd Tour
Snowshoe field tour - Stübenwasen:
Stübenwasen: Starting point and parking at Radschert. On the left of the path to the mountain guesthouse of Stübenwasen there is a very large open pasture field with many opportunities of snowshoe walking. Here you can vary your walk, going as far and as long as you want to.


The starting point is Ungendwieden (part of Wieden).
It is about a 10- minute-walk from the bus stop to the Ungendwieden turn-off. You walk along theUngendwieden path for about 1 km and turn left into Rüttner trail and go up to Steinen. You walk a short distance across the road and then go on to the Wiedner Eck. From here you can take the bus back to the starting point.

Tips and Tricks for snow shoe walking

It is difficult for wildlife to find food in winter. They are particularly weak at this time and stay mainly in the forest.
Please bear this in mind.

Powder snow and deep snow layers

Change tracks with your partner – in this way you save energy.

Guided snowshoe tours/Snowshoe rental

Organiser of guided snowshoe tours: Snowshoes can be rented from the following:

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