Snack on the mountain
From the Black Forest - up to the mountains:

Mountain Inns

Cozy mountian inns
Cozy mountian inns
Many pastures and mountain inns invite in the southern Black Forest MOUNTAINS with a magnificent view to linger.

On a hike or a mountain bike tour, you can enjoy in the cozy rooms all offer the Black Forest specialties. In autumn and winter the lodge hosts pamper you with warm drinks by the roaring fireplace. We have for some mountain inns with their respective telephone numbers compiled.

Accurate information on where they are and how to get there, check with your landlord or from Tourist Information.

In the Schwarzwaldregion Belchen

  • Almgasthaus Gisiboden, 07671-999821, Monday closes
  • Hochkopfhaus, 07674-437, 15.5 - 15.10, seven days a week, 15.10-15.05 Mon closed
  • Berggasthaus Präger Böden, 07671-999550, closed on Monday; from July till September opened seven days a week
  • Berggasthaus Hasenhorn, 07671-521, seven days a week (vacation time), otherwise Tue
  • Berggasthaus Stübenwasen, 07671-334, Day off: Thursday (open on holidays)
  • Berggasthof Belchenhaus, 07673-281, every day opened from 10 to 17 o'clock (if Belchen cable car is operating)
  • Berggasthaus Knöpflesbrunnen, 07673-888455, Fri closed

In the Feldberg region

  • Baldenweger Hütte, 07676-353, Mon closed (June - October seven days a week)
  • Gasthaus Herzogenhorn, 07676-222, seven days a week
  • Raimartihof, 07676-226, etween first June and early November seven days a week. Otherwise: Tue closed.
  • St. Wilhelmer Hütte, 07676-342, from January till end of May: closed on Tuesday and Wednesday; from June: closed on Wednesday
  • Todtnauer Hütte, 07676-373, Day off: Monday (excepted on holidays, in that case day off: Tuesday)
  • Zastler Hütte, 07676-244, Thu closed (If Thursday is a holiday, the day off shifts onto Friday)
  • Gasthaus Krunkelbach, 07675-338. Seven days a week.

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