Into the Black Forest - up into the mountains:

Motor-cycle road safety

The slogan of the motorcycle club Todtnau 1982 e.V. and of the Tourismus GmbH for pure driving enjoyment at the Black Forest:

"Half speed – full fun"

Here are our tips for highly enjoyable motorcycle tours at the border of Germany, Alsace and Switzerland

Relaxed cruising

Relaxed, fearless and conscious driving in all situations represents the real allure of motorcycling. Driving too fast and not on the own driving skills oriented imminents dangers for themselves and others, diminishes the outlook on the beautiful landscape and harms the environment.

The control of the machine starts with self-control!!

Loud is out

The (environmentally) conscious and considerate handling of the accelerator reduces noise and helps to prevent discussions about further regimentations like blockages of roads, speed limits and bans on night-time driving. Help us with your road behaviour that unclouded driving pleasure is furthermore possible in our nice motorcycle region.


Dangerous situations can be avoided by a defensive way of driving, readiness for braking and a large lateral distance during overtaking. Don‘t forget: Turn on the lights!

To be on the way with a group

Discipline is announced if you’re in groups.
  • Maximum eight motorbikes, otherwise create sub-groups.
  • Designate positions - experience determines the order, the best bikers at the end.
  • A routinier who knows the route leads the group.
  • Do not overtake within groups. Observe safety clearances, if it‘s possible, ride slightly offset.
  • Close the gap at red traffic lights
  • Do not mix with other groups.
  • Keep eye contact. Everybody is responsible for his backer.
  • You’ve lost contact: Don‘t make up time at all costs.
  • Determine the route and meeting points, exchange telephone numbers for emergency


Weighty luggage changes driving behavior significant. The own motorcycle is driven suddenly strange and unaccustomed. Recommendation: Ride much more cautiously and prudent.

More tips

  • WWho does not accommodate adjustable spring elements, gives away valuable contingency reserves.
  • The most weighty thinks belong into the tank bay.
  • Heavy objects should be loaded first in your pockets, so that they are on the bottom of it. Besides both pockets should be loaded possibly equally hard.
  • The porter is only for lightly weight.

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