The cultural side of the Black Forest Region Belchen

Art and culture

There is much to discover in and around the Schwarzwaldregion Belchen - even on days when the weather is not so pleasant. Appealing excursions, museums, exhibitions and all sorts of sights. Enjoying a holiday in the Black Forest means combining traditions and customs in many special events. People and traditions: everything fits together. Traditional manual skills, developed structures and warm hospitality.

Heimatmuseum Klösterle

The Local History Museum Klösterle

The local history museum Klösterle was once a tannery. Until 1959 nuns from Hegne stamped their character on its image and reputation. Today it houses old documents, machines and equipment used in the past.

Wall-Grabenanlage Haideck

The Haideck rampart and trenches

The local history museum Klösterle took over responsibility for the ramparts and trenches of Haideck situated to the north east of Schönau im Schwarzwald in 2013.

Klöpfsäge in Fröhnd

Saw Mill, Fröhnd

The saw mill, built in 1808, is the last of its kind in the Southern Black Forest still fully functional on its original site.

Stelenweg & Aquarellmalerei

Trail of columns and water colour painting

The Schönauer artist, Renate Schmidt, created a series of columns consisting of bright fantasy figures with her students, and they can be seen as you walk round the town.
Ms Schmidt also gives courses in water colour painting in her studio in Schönau.

Open-air summer concerts

Open-air summer concerts

In spring/summer open air musical concerts take place in the Black Forest Region Belchen, performed by local music groups.


Excursions in and around the Mountain Region of the Southern Black Forest

The Schwarzwaldregion Belchen lies in a very favourable position as many attractive places in Germany, France and Switzerland can be reached in a short time.



Those of us who live in the Black Forest enjoy a good celebration and you are warmly invited to celebrate with us. The atmosphere at our various festivities and village parties is one of entertainment and conviviality.

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